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Wet Room Flooring

Durable and design-led solutions in wet environments

Over 50 Years in Business

Wetroom & Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Wet rooms and walk in shower areas are becoming a more and more popular room in the modern home.

A wet room is an ideal solution for a bathing area for disabled, mobility challenged or older persons who require extra help and space to shower.

Altro Pisces safety vinyl is a popular choice for customers looking for an anti slip flooring for their accessible bathroom. This product offers more security underfoot than conventional vinyl and is available in a wide range of colours, meaning you can achieve a stylish appearance whilst maintaining safety.

Wetroom flooring
Wetroom flooring

We can work with you to create aesthetically pleasing, durable and design-led solutions in wet environments where the risk of slipping is very high. Most buildings have wet environments that will be used by a wide variety of people: that’s a lot of individuals to keep safe. Specialist flooring for wet areas have been designed for enhanced safety underfoot while also coming in a whole range of styles and colours.

We take your safety seriously. Shampoos, bathing oils, and hair products found in wet environments all pose a risk to people walking around. Products such as Altro Pisces and Altro Aquarius will keep your risk of slipping extremely unlikely, even in these tough conditions, and they are designed to not only give you peace of mind but to also create a lasting impression – from the way it looks to the way it works.

Safety flooring such Altro and Polyflor are suited for continually wet and barefoot areas where there is continual running water and a requirement for enhanced slip resistance.

Ideal for commercial and residential areas where barefoot and soft soled footwear is worn – including walk-in showers, hydrotherapy areas and changing rooms.