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The Most Reliable Safety Vinyl Flooring in Lewisham

We specialise in supplying and installing reliable and slip resistant safety vinyl flooring throughout Lewisham and London.

What is safety flooring?

Safety flooring is specially engineered vinyl, made to provide safe movement in high to low traffic environments and minimise slip risk. Often, this type of flooring is referred to as non-slip flooring; however, this is a misconception. It is designed to minimise the risk of injury in areas that are exposed to the spillage of contaminants.

We specialise in supplying and installing a wide range of vinyl safety flooring from the industry's leading manufacturers, including Tarkett, Forbo, Gerflor, Altro and Polyflor. With a variety of different effects and colours to choose from, you will be able to create a hygienic and safe space without compromising on design or style.

Safety flooring in kitchen
Commercial Kitchen flooring

When to use safety flooring?

We install safety flooring in a wide range of commercial and private settings; from retail and leisure centres to residential, workplaces and hospitality.

Some of the common areas we are asked to install these vinyls are; school classrooms, labs, toilets, hospital wards, GP surgeries, leisure facilities, changing rooms, commercial kitchens and wet rooms

What are the benefits of safety flooring?

  • Versatile design - safety vinyl flooring can recreate the look of concrete, tiles or solid wood
  • Resists stains and scuffs and is perfect for residential care, industrial settings, kitchens and canteens as well as many others
  • Made from high quality vinyl, which is incredibly durable and can therefore withstand high amounts of footfall
  • Designed with anti-bacterial properties to create clean and hygienic indoor environment. This is beneficial to industries like hospitals, toilets, nurseries, kitchens and leisure facilities as it is doesn’t harbour germs and very easy to keep clean

What skirting finish can I have?

Cap and Cove

The vinyl flooring will be dressed up to the wall using a cove former at the edges to create an entire area that is easily cleaned and impervious to water. This is the most hygienic option available.

Cap and Cove Diagram

Sit on Skirtings

Using this method, the vinyl flooring will be fitted flat to the perimeter of the wall. The edge will then be made watertight using silicone mastic before a PVC skirting will be installed over the top.

SO100 skirting diagram

Flat Lay with Silicone mastic

This is the cheapest and the simplest way of making your vinyl flooring watertight. The safety vinyl flooring is fitted to your existing skirting and then made watertight by sealing the perimeter using silicone mastic. We offer white, colour or clear matching sealants.

Mastic skirting example

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